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VNS places great value on our staff and has a wide range of rewards for our staff. 

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VNS Nursing Agency has a wide range of work opportunities across all specialties available for nurses, technicians and support staff. 


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  • The best nursing agency! Thank you for helping me become a more competent nurse in Australia. I would love to work with you again 😊❤️. Keep up the good work and may you continue to mold efficient nurses

    Maureen , Registered Nurse Melbourne
  • Plenty of TECHNICIAN shifts, can do both private shifts & public shifts in the quiet times. BEST RATES! The girls are friendly, polite & will actively ensure you get work at your correct grading. Wide range of hospitals, big & small, everywhere. Referral

    Bradley, Theatre Technician Melbourne
  • Out of all the places I've worked, VNS has been the employer that I feel looks out for their staff the best.

    Mary, Registered Nurse Melbourne
  • I love the friendliness of the VNS staff. They talk to me as if they have actually met me . I feel valuable .

    Chipo, Registered Nurse Melbourne
  • A fantastic place to work! 😀 - App allows nurses to choose from a wide variety of hospitals and different areas - Offers a lot shifts both in the CBD and outer suburbs - Great pay rates - Friendly and accommodating coordinators

    Woodrose, Registered Nurse Melbourne
  • Excellent Agency, friendly and supportive.

    Gill , Registered Nurse Melbourne
  • I work when I can and I am supported to mix my shifts with my the other parts of my life.

    Fiona, Registered Nurse Melbourne
  • This agency has lot of work in most hospitals metro and regional like Ballarat,Colac , u can. Choose where u wanna workand when

    Geace , Registered Nurse Melbourne
  • I like how specific I can be when explaining to the allocator a what I can and can't do and they always try their best to accommodate me. I find all the staff very helpful.

    Elise, Registered Nurse Melbourne
  • I think your staff get a pretty good idea about us because they deal with us one on one, so for me it feels more personal as well as professional and I really like that. I think the agency has a really good name and a smart uniform.

    Lynne, Enrolled Nurse Melbourne
  • The staff are friendly, helpful and know their stuff.

    Dawn, Registered Nurse Melbourne
  • Thank you for being a flexible nursing agency in Melbourne that can meet the needs of staff with random availabilities while creating an agency that gets the work because they are professional and great.

    Sarah, Registered Nurse Melbourne
  • I appreciate the hard work you put in as a nursing agency to get me registered nursing shifts and I love working with you all. I feel as I'm talking to a friend and colleague rather than an anonymous voice on the other end of the phone.

    Barbara, Registered Nurse Melbourne
  • VNS is one of the best nursing agencies in Victoria. Experience to be immersed in the Major hospitals in Vic, with competitive pay rates. For health professionals, feel free to join us. And you can enjoy our warm and friendly team.

    Gary , Registered Nurse Melbourne
  • The best nursing agency! You are my foundation of my experience as a registered nurse here in Australia, VNS is like a parent to me, it all started with them! More power to VNS

    Joy, Registered Nurse Melbourne
  • VNS is a well recognized nursing agency in Melbourne that has a good reputation

    Jagbir, Registered Nurse Melbourne
  • Love to work with VNS. Girls are friendly, polite, supportive and professional.

    Malkit , PCA Melbourne
  • The friendliest staff in all of my working history!

    Dale, Theatre Technician Melbourne
  • Thank you for my time at VNS it was a pleasure to work with such a professional team and perhaps I will be back sometime in the future.

    RN Melbourne
  • Friendly, friendly and lovely staff that do not complain when I am a pain. They make you feel like the only person that works for you.

    Kathy, Registered Nurse Melbourne

Travelling Nurses

VNS places great value on our staff and has a wide range of rewards for our staff. 

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