Victorian Nurse Specialists

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VNS has qualified staff suitable for a wide range of facilities from hospitals, specialist clinics, aged care facilities, educational institutions, corporate health, to radiology and chemotherapy day clinics, specialist home care services.

Our knowledgeable allocations team take pride in matching VNS staff for every booking request. Our clients tell us that our allocation staff clearly understand their particular needs and trust they will receive the most appropriately trained and qualified staff at their facility.

Our clients call on VNS for:

  • Assistance during busy periods
  • In times of sick leave, long service leave or other personal leave
  • Assistance with special projects
  • Emergency staffing solutions
  • Facility expansion

VNS understands the importance of making it as easy as possible for our clients to meet their staffing shortfalls. Either call the VNS office on 03 9898 7000 to speak to one of our staff or complete the Staff Booking form.