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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Salary and Tax

When is Pay Day?

VNS pays all staff weekly on receipt of a docket. All agency dockets must be at the agency by 12 Midnight Wednesday. Payroll is processed on Thursday and will be in your account on Friday morning. If there is a Public Holiday in the week please check with the office for any special arrangements for payroll that week.

How can I submit my dockets?

You can submit your dockets by

  1. Fax on 9898 7444
  2. Email to
  3. Post to PO BOX 198, Surrey Hills VIC 3127
  4. Drop into the office in person

If you fax or email your dockets please call between 0900-1700 to check they have been received and are legible.

How do I receive my payslips?

You will receive a payslip each week after your timesheets have been processed. Payroll is processed on Thursday and you will receive your payslip via email or post.

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